Saturday, April 22, 2017

Walkable Trail of Works // 22-30 April, Auckland NZ

So I've been working on this charity piece to raise funds and awareness for the Asylum Seekers  Support Trust that will be displayed on a indoors walkable trail in Auckland of about 90 artists.
A little bit about the Trust:
To provide safety, support and advocacy for all people who are driven to seek asylum in New Zealand, for any reason. For more info

You can download the app here ...  to join in the fun and see all these amazing pieces of work on display from 22nd-30th April

So here is a sneaky peak of my piece, which is on display at the beautiful Old Fort in Chancery Square.

Now this is totally different to what I was originally working on as I had a bit of a mishap with the varnish (when the piece was due two days after me applying this) so I quickly went into plan B mode - and thank goodness got hold of another frame and started from scratch working right through Easter weekend to complete, I love sometimes when accidents like this happen, as often you end up learning new skills, ideas and therefore better and newer things come from this and I'm really loving this piece bringing in the natural wood.

About Holi and this piece....
Heart of Holi
This piece, created for Frame Works, represents Ema's strong belief in supporting those who are disadvantaged in the wider community.
Ema has travelled many times to India and worked in poor villages helping disadvantaged children. While living in India Ema was very aware of the prominent colours of many buildings painted with this beautiful mixture of washed colours and this inspired Ema to create this piece.

For Ema, Holi represents love, calm, grace, tranquility, patience and understanding. One of the most outstanding features about Holi is her awareness of the environment. Holi is at home in the three elements of water, earth and air and this speaks of her diversity.
The heart that Holi floats in shows that she opens her heart to all and welcomes all those that are disadvantaged into our greater community so they can experience a new life after years of fear and anxiety.

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Ema Frost in New York - Exhbition // 3-24 Dec 2016

I'm really lucky to be having my first show up in NY this year!! Yay, And as I also have a show happening in NZ at the same time, I will be flying up half way through and we'll be having another opening on the 14th Dec 5-8pm, all welcome, so please come by and say Hi!. Would love to see you there. xx

Welcome to the enchanted world of Ema Frost Art.

Ema Frost is a New Zealand based graphic artist, illustrator and ceramic designer.

She burst onto the Auckland art scene back in 2010 and has been captivating her fans ever since. In her unique style, Ema uses bright colors to give life to beautiful images, the inspiration of which comes from Ema’s fascination and deep respect for the mystery and magic found in Maori and Japanese folklore. The often delicate and always delightful characters she creates are the perfect marriage of these mythical cultures, blended with clean lines and vibrant colors that are the hallmarks of Ema’s work. Part of the charm of her work is in the little idiosyncrasies that can be found only upon closer inspection of her images. Look carefully and you’ll see little characters peeking out from unsuspecting places and the omniscient Tiki watermark that protects all life in the world of her imagination.

Originally as a graphic artist and illustrator, Ema’s characters were brought to life in print. However, over the years they have sprung from the page and are now featured in her range of watches, coffee cups, cell phone covers and cheeky little collection of button badges. Ema’s playful use of color extends to her ceramic collection as well. Her range of Dinkies (featureless bunnies) are finished in pastel pink and mint and add a delightful touch of Frost wherever they are found. Ema’s work can be found in galleries, homes, hotels and schools all over New Zealand, Japan, India, Australia, Germany and the USA!

While her characters may have been born out of her fascination with Maori Folklore and mythology, Ema’s dreamlike imagery is universal and her work appeals to a wide range of art lovers from all over the world. And now for the first time, Ema Frost’s collection of products will be featured in ORA Gallery in New York from 3-24 December. So if you’re in the area why not get a bit of Frost this Christmas?!
ORA Galllery

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Painted Peacock Project - Exhibition // Auckland NZ 6-10 Dec

Hello My Frosty Friends,

I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to the Painted Peacock Project Exhibition.

More than a years worth of planning and hard work is finally coming together on this passion project, and we are all working hard making our finishing touches in preparation for the opening!

See works by myself
Ema Frost and my creative & very talented friends Cathy Pope, Sacha Stejko, Rajesh Soni and Flox. A percentage of all works sold will go to KidsCan here in NZ and also back to the School we worked with in India.

I hope to see you there!
Ema x

The Painted Peacock Exhibition

6-10th December 2016
Opening Night: 6pm Tuesday 6th December
Wed-Fri 9-3pm, Sat 9-2pm

Allpress Studio, 8 Drake Street
Freemans Bay

Our Timelapse in India while Painting: Sept 2016

Time Lapse - India
If you haven't seen this already this is a pretty cool - Timelapse our Photographer Sacha Stejko got while we were painting in India. Love that music Sacha xx
On our The Painted Peacock Project earlier this year (Sept 2016) 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Painted Peacock Project Live Paint NZ!!

Our Painted Peacock Project New Zealand mural is complete! We smashed it out last weekend on a fun filled Saturday in Newmarket. The place was buzzing all day and it couldn’t have been possible without everyone who came along to support.
Big thanks to the  wonderful people who made our day extra special – LeeAnn Yare from Collected, Oli The Brulee Bike, Sam Recovery Vehicle Coffee , Sam and Sani The Magic Brush, Ash aka Peter Pan from An Enchanted Party and Stevie, Anna and Kirk from KidsCanNZ.
This mural is very special to us Peahens and we are so excited to have created a special link between Udaipur and Auckland! Check it out for yourself: 2 Clayton St, Newmarket, Auckland, NZ.
Photographs by Sacha Stejko

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ema in India 2015/16!!

Ema is always on the search for new mediums through which she can bring the characters of her imagination to life. It was during one such sojourn to India last year that Ema stumbled upon the enchanting city of Udaipur.  She was so taken by the charm of the ‘City of Lakes’ that Ema returned for a 2 month residence in December and January this year. In the first weeks of her stay she created the Fluro/Neon coloured ‘Love Series’, experimenting with the contrast of bright pink and black paint on traditional Indian Handmade Paper with their Gouache paints. As the guest of local Rajasthani artist, Rajesh Soni, Ema exhibited her work at his Gallery One. The local response to her collection was phenomenal, as was the interest in her clothing apparel and ceramics. In an uncanny coincidence a kiwi woman from Queenstown recognised Ema’s work and also has a few of her pieces. (Udaipur is like the Queenstown of India) It seems that even across the world, there is always a touch of Frost!

So what’s next for Ema now that she is back in Aotearoa? Well, she is busy collating her Indian experience into a new collection inspired by the sites, smells, colours and tastes of Udaipur. Along with her solo work, and a very exciting collaboration with Flox, Cathy Pope and Sacha Stejko later in the year up in India again, and a possible collaboration with New York based Jewellery designer, Rosena Sammi, is also in the pipeline.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015